The Albanian branch of the FORWORK project includes an integration program for about 30 asylum seekers over a one year period. Training activities will be delivered at the National Reception Center for Asylum Seekers in Tirana, an institution under the competences of the Ministry of Interior Affairs. The general objective of the activities proposed is the social and labor market integration of the asylum seekers. Below, the list of the services offered.

  • 1. Trainings (12 months)

    The 30 beneficiaries are be divided in XX groups. Each group is assisted by one trainer, one facilitator, one support staff and one translator. Every day, they will have 6 class hours of training. There are 4 teaching modules: i) Start Up and Start Smart and Social Business in Albania; ii) Labor Law and Social and Cultural Norma in Albania; iii) Interactive Methods for the integration into the Labor Market; iv) Civic Education.

  • 2. Study /Visit Tour at the Public Institutions in Albania: Labor Office/Migration Office and one historical city near Tirana

    This activity aims to make the asylum seekers familiar with the public institutions and with the practice that they will deal in the future. They will visit the Labour Office, the Directory of Migration and Border and one historical venue in Tirana.

  • 3. Monthly Assessment of the beneficiaries

    This activity aims to define the results of the program every month, with the beneficiaries who have followed it.

  • 4. Addressing the interested persons to the Public Vocational Center for follow up the vocational courses.

    The asylum seekers will be provided with assistance to get acquainted and follow up the vocational public courses at the Public Vocational Training Centers (PVTC) in Tirana, in accordance with their interest and their professional background.

  • 5. EU Profile tools

    The aim of this activity is to support early identification of the skills of refugees, migrants and other third country nationals in order to facilitate their integration into the labour market and social lives. It will be implemented in parallel with the other activities