FORWORK Albania – Final report

The report shortly describes recent immigration of asylum seekers to Albania and its reception system.

It then focuses on the FORWORK activities implemented in Albania.

Firstly, it summarizes evidence collected through a survey administered between June and October 2019 in the National Reception Center for Refugees and Asylum seekers in Tirana. The aim of the survey was to collect information on key demographics, skills, social and labour market integration, life plans, and access to services of asylum seekers.

Finally, it focuses on FORWORK integration activities implemented with a group of 30 asylum seekers hosted in the National Reception Center in Tirana.

The report can be downloaded and this link.

FORWORK Italy – Description of activities

This report describes how FORWORK activities were implemented in Italy.

Chapter 1 gives an overview of the program, and discusses on how the Covid pandemic affected the design and implementation of project activities.

Chapter 2 provides evidence on the number of FORWORK beneficiaries, the take up rates of the different project activities and the geographical distributions of beneficiaries.

Chapter 3 includes a detailed description of all delivered services (mentoring, profiling with the EU-Skills Profile Tool, placement services and internships, cultural linguistic mediation, language and civic education courses, vocational training, recognition of prior learning). It also provides a qualitative assessment of each service, based on feedback received from FORWORK partners and operators involved in the project implementation.

The report can be downloaded at this link.